Functional Behavior Assessments / Behavior Intervention Plans in the home

Does your child exhibit severe behavior at home or in the community? This might be running away (eloping), biting, kicking, hitting, screaming, tantrums, or other severe behaviors that impact your ability to be in public. Georginia can help to determine why your child engages in that behavior and strategies and plans to shape behavior to be more appropriate.

Behavior is always a child's means of communication, even when they are verbal and can speak. Finding out the function (why the child engages in the behavior), what is motivating the behavior, and what skill(s) is/are missing for the child to better engage with us appropriately. Between interviews with caregivers, observations in settings where the behavior occurs (either direct or through video taped interactions), data collection, and other modes of evaluation, we can work together to develop a plan to help your family and your child.

Once we know why your child engages in behavior and what is motivating or maintaining that behavior, we can work together to establish a plan for families to follow to help teach replacement behaviors, reduce problem behaviors, and establish motivation for appropriate behaviors. We will establish a plan that your family is comfortable with, and Georginia can guide and model as well as follow up on a regular basis in case any changes are necessary.

FBA and BIP in school

Schools continue to see increases in the number of students requiring Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) and Behavior Improvement Plans (BIPs). These students may be on the Autism Spectrum, have an Emotional Disability, have experienced significant trauma, or for some other reason engage in serious behavior that requires a higher level of intervention than most students need. Behavior is an effective communication method when reinforced as the student almost always gets what they want when they engage in serious behaviors. This may be attention, something tangible, escape or avoidance of a task, or even removal of something unpleasant to them. Georginia can come in and help your team conduct an FBA to determine the why (function) of the behavior and develop plans to address the behavior.

FBAs and BIPs include interviews with all stakeholders (parents, teachers, school administrators, and the student if possible), development of FBA data tracking, data analysis, report writing, BIP development and training to implement. Your team would then take over tracking implementation data, with scheduled follow ups by request.

Contact me today with your concerns for behavior and we can work together to help your child!