Gifted/Twice Exceptional Assessment

Students who are either gifted or twice exceptional (also referred to as 2e) have unique learning needs. Not only do these students need to be challenged at their level, they also may need explicit instruction in areas of weakness. These students often have asynchronous development - their cognitive and/or academic abilities are often well above their social-emotional development. Parents, teachers, other children, and even the child themselves have significant difficulty understanding the unique needs of a gifted and/or twice exceptional student.

Is my child gifted or twice exceptional (2e)?

Are you a parent who has concerns that their child may be gifted but their school has not evaluated for gifted education. You might even be a parent of a child with a disability who may also be gifted - also known as twice exceptional or 2e.

Gifted testing for gifted school admissions

Some parents wish to place their child in a school for gifted students. In many cases, testing is required to determine if your child meets admission standards. I can prove the assessment(s) needed, which typically include a cognitive battery (the WISC, WPPSI, WJ, or similar). Academic assessments (such as the WIAT, WJ, etc) can also be administered based on the admissions requirements for the school you are seeking.

Gifted or early access testing

You may be a parent of a preschooler who seems to be very advanced and wondering about early entrance into Kindergarten. Maybe your school or district is in need of a School Psychologist to provide psychoeducational assessments to students who may be gifted. Or, you are in need a School Psychologist who is familiar with early childhood development to help conduct early access assessments.

Gifted and/or twice exceptional (2e) assessments

To determine if your child is gifted and/or twice exceptional, I conduct an individualized psychoeducational evaluation based on the reason for the assessment. These evaluations can include a combination of cognitive, academic, and social-emotional assessment to determine a full gifted, twice exceptional (2e), or early access profile.

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