Counseling / Psychotherapy

Is your child anxious about school, in social situations, or in general?

Has your child made multiple comments about self-harm or suicide?

Does your child have ADHD and looking for alternative strategies before considering medication?

Is your child quirky or possibly autistic and could use some social skills supports?

Are you observing behavior concerns for your child and are considering behavioral therapy?

Do you have a twice exceptional (2e) child who is gifted but also has a disability and is having difficulty in school or at home?

I can provide counseling/therapy sessions. Students ages 4 to 16 can be seen one-on-one or in a small group (when other individuals are available with similar goals). Sessions are usually weekly to start, but may change based on progress or need.

***I do not work with insurance. I can accept HSA/FSA accounts for payment. I will provide a superbill to you upon request to seek out-of-network benefit reimbursement, but cannot guarantee reimbursement.***

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