The burning question is almost always "How much will this cost me?" and/or "Is it really worth it?"

Rates are based on the typical number of hours to complete each type of assessment. All assessment costs include the direct time with the client, scoring, report writing, and follow up meeting to review results. Georginia believes the time it takes to complete a thorough evaluation is always worth the time and the costs, including her own costs for the materials and her time to gather all relevant data. Only a thorough evaluation can ensure the questions you have are answered completely! There are no extra costs associated for extra assessments, extra sessions, or extra materials.

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If you are concerned about the rates, please contact Georginia to discuss. She can also discuss alternate payment plans.

Payment can be made by cash, check, money order, or credit card (including HSA/FSA cards)!

Georginia is not a provider for any insurance company. She can provide a bill to submit for out-of-network reimbursement, but no guarantee of reimbursement is made. Georginia CAN accept HSA/FSA cards for payment in person or via online invoice.

There are a few reasons I do not currently accept insurance. However, the biggest reason is to allow you, the client and/or parent, to decide what to do with the information. Insurance claims can pass through as many as 15 individuals as it gets processed, meaning confidentiality is lost. Insurance personnel can have access to all parts of your record when determining whether to reimburse a claim. Another reason is that any diagnosis can be on your permanent medical file for life, which can impact future careers when health clearances are needed, even for a minor diagnosis. Additionally, most insurances require a diagnosis in order to reimburse, and I make no guarantees that this evaluation will result in a diagnosis. That is because the data may not support an actual diagnosis, and I will not commit insurance fraud or unethically give a diagnosis that is not warranted.

If you are not sure about a service or want to inquire about a service not listed, please contact me!

* On going hourly/weekly costs are billed weekly.

** Initial consultation included.

Last updated 2/11/19