Independent Education Evaluations (IEE)

Should I request an Independent Education Evaluation (IEE)?

School districts usually complete an evaluation, but parents may not agree with all or part of the evaluation results. If this happens, parents have the right to request an IEE. School districts then have to decide if the evaluation completed was sufficient or to agree to the request. If the district believes their evaluation is sufficient, they will begin due process. If they agree to the IEE, they will provide you information on how to obtain this evaluation.

Obtaining an IEE

To obtain an IEE completed by Georginia and GBW Educational Services, you must make the request through your school first. Please make sure to provide Georginia's information to your school, and provide the school's information to Georginia. This assessment would be provided free of charge to you as part of an IEE.

Independent Education Evaluations (IEE) qualified evaluator

As a certified School Psychologist in Colorado and a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Georginia is qualified to provide an IEE for cognitive, academic, adaptive, and social-emotional assessments. Georginia is a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist and Certified Autism Specialist. She is also qualified to complete Functional Behavior Assessments as well as man

Why contact a School Psychologist rather than a Clinical Psychologist with a Ph.D. or Psy.D.? School Psychologists have specialized training in a variety of assessments, interventions, learning disabilities, special education, family-school-community collaboration, diverse learners. As a School Psychologist, Georginia is familiar with all special education requirements as well as what is appropriate and available in most schools and can make appropriate recommendations with this knowledge. School Psychologists are trained to make diagnoses, and work with school staff to support the cognitive, academic, social-emotional, and mental health of students in schools including those in college and beyond. While a Clinical Psychologist has some training, their training is usually not specialized in the cognitive, academic, and social-emotional development within the educational system, but more aligned with only the mental health aspect of individuals. When the need is for an educationally based evaluation, using a School Psychologist with the appropriate training and experience makes great sense!

Contact Georginia with your need and she can help determine if she can help. When emailing or leaving a voicemail, please provide as much detail as possible as to needs, timelines, location, and the best way to contact you.