"We’ve had issues with her not being challenged since Kindergarten, but we’ve always been told that things level out by grade 3. Year after year there has been frustration of some sort, whether socially or academically, and though we had a great school to work this is the first time we truly feel that someone (you) have taken the time to look at all the pieces individually, and how they fit into a big picture. I also feel that for once we have had the support of someone who was solely focused on doing what was best for our child, and that means the world to us...The report is so thorough and thoughtful, we are so grateful for your help." - Mellisa

"Georginia is thorough and precise in her evaluations and reports. She evaluates children in a compassionate, comfortable and supportive atmosphere. I recommend wholeheartedly!" - Caroline

"Because of your amazing report (you really figured her out on a level we rarely get) [her school] agreed to let her start 2nd grade materials next year (but officially stay in 1st grade) and move on to 3rd if 2nd is too easy." - Heather

"We thank you for giving us a new light in our lives this year." - H.D.

"He did ask me if one of his presents could be to have a appointment with you last week [as a birthday present]. He mentioned that he feels his meetings with you are the key to what is helping him the most this year." - H.D.

"I just saw a patient that we share and wanted to thank you for the very thorough and excellent report. The family was well informed and it was very easy to help make the right "next" treatment decisions..." D.W.